Groundnut beans


I am planning on doing a full write up on Groundnut, a.k.a. Hopniss, (Apios americana), but I saw these beans hanging the other day and grabbed them for dinner and wanted to post the pictures up since they are in season here.


Most people know that Groundnut has highly nutritious and tasty tubers, but the beans are tasty also. The pod is a little fibrous, but if you split them after cooking and run them through your front teeth, you scrape out all the good stuff and leave the pod skeleton behind. Wild hogs root up groundnuts, so I thought it was fitting to eat them with hog fajitas.


I find them growing in wet areas around ponds, lakes, and streams.

Identifying Characteristics:

1. Pea family (“Banner, wings, keel”, pea-like pods, pinnate leaves)

2. Thready, twining vine

3. Five to nine toothless leaflets

4. Maroon flowers

5. Beaded tubers with milky latex

Here is the leaflet next to the vine


Check back soon for the full write up. I found a really nice patch while scouting for a new camp location.

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