Fur – “fish & game” – lough


A family trip to Florida and my 20 year high school reunion left me with a decision to make. An “essential” employee, I was told I could cancel my leave or they would furlough me. Maybe I get paid, maybe I don’t, but I chose my family and friends and have managed to keep out of the nonsense for at least a couple more days.

This did however, worry my 11 year old niece to no avail. Concerned about me being “on layaway”, she took it upon herself to write her Congressman a letter about my “unfortunate” case. When Payton asked her mom how I was going to feed myself without a job, my sister laughed and told her not to worry since her uncle would eat just about anything he could catch or scrounge up.

And so I broke out my 10/22 takedown project rifle, and began my Fur-“fish & game”-lough that morning with my first squirrel of the season.


I went on to shoot 2 more with my niece, who learned the ins and outs of cleaning a squirrel and tasted her first pawpaw.


Later I took both my nieces frog gigging, but because of the silted in pond, we used the rifle scoring 3 frogs for the pan.


I had a great time at my reunion and had a discussion about amaranth with a classmate. As I was foraging the next day, I snapped a pic for him when he reads this post. I harvested some greens and the grain to process later of spiny amaranth (Amaranthus spinosus)


The Fur-“fish & game”-lough continued yesterday when I found a nice crop of Chestnut oak acorns on the hill


and sat down to my meal of squirrel and frog on a wild salad – (chickweed, wood sorrel, lady’s thumb, amaranth, curly dock, and black nightshade berries). I seasoned the meat with spicebush and one of my classmate’s family recipe seasoning that he kindly gave me at the reunion.

Moral of the story: Government is shutdown?? Grab your gear, take a kid, and go get some grub. You don’t need the government to provide for your immediate needs. If you want something great to season your next meal with go to http://murffsmix.com/


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