Happy Thanksgiving – Pilgrim Style..


A couple weeks ago, my wife said we should cook a “wild” Thanksgiving meal on top of the wood stove. I thought that was a great idea. As the day grew closer, her work schedule took it’s toll and the idea waned. Not to worry, I decided to force the situation and let our propane run out so we had no choice.

You can probably tell that I am a horrible liar. The truth is, I haven’t checked the gauge in a while. On Tuesday when there was no heat and no gas in the cook stove, I knew I had goofed. The next delivery would not be able to come until Monday, six days away. Not a big deal heat wise, since we run a wood stove a lot, but it kind of cramps our usual cooking style.

So, I did what every good husband would do, immediately resort to bribery. “Honey, you should go buy that fleece onesie you have been wanting“. My Floridian wife, took the deal and our Pilgrim Thanksgiving plans were back on.

So here is Spicebush-maple wild turkey with cranberry orange chia seed sauce, fresh dug sweet potatoes, and sprouted grain stuffing. I don’t really know what half that stuff means, but it ranks as the best Thanksgiving meal I have had in my 38 years. That, my friends, is no lie..


My dutch oven is buried in the shed, so we attempted to pan bake a chocolate chip cookie pie. I made some makeshift trivets out of my meat grinder parts, but still managed to burn the bottom. Flipping the pan over to brown the top worked well and we salvaged most of the pie to cover with ice cream.


Well maybe ice cream and cookie pie isn’t exactly Pilgrimy, but wild turkey, sweet potatoes, wood stove cooking, and making do with what you have count in my book.

So on this Thanksgiving day, I am thankful for my culinary gifted wife who can rock a onesie, my $200 craigslist stove, and all the support from my readers, friends, and family.

Happy Thanksgiving from BigPig Outdoors!!

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