Survival 101 class – December 14 & 15th – Short notice special only $100


Real world                                                                           Not so real

This is a great example of a real world scenario. Let’s change the time of day, the trail to a more remote section, and an area without cell service. That means rescue is hours away, maybe coming tomorrow, you have a broken leg, it is 30 degrees, cold, and wet. That is what Survival 101 class is all about. Giving you the skills and confidence to handle those challenges.

Since our internet has been out and it is short notice on the class posting, $100 gets you in the class saving you $95. You can thank the cat for breaking the air card and getting you the discount.

You can call to sign up or just click on the Paypal $50 deposit twice. Questions? Just shoot me an email or give me a call

See you in the woods – Bigpig

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