Wild Things Gear 25% sale until 12/24/13

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Yep, I am one of those guys. The kind that buys his wife something practical for Christmas. When she says she needs some “cute cold weather clothes”, my man brain translates that to mean “performance outdoor clothing” . When I saw Wild Things Gear had a 25% off sale I jumped at the chance to open negotiations.

I have been wearing and abusing Wild Things gear for years now and will do a full write up when this new jacket gets in, but I wanted to get this info out while the sale is still on, in case you wanted to take advantage of the offer. In my opinion, a quality insulated jacket is one of the most important pieces of practical survival gear.

I have two WT Primaloft 4 oz. sweaters that have been keeping me warm on the job and adventures for years. The older versions have a quilted nylon shell, while the Insulight jackets sport a non-quilted DWR treated shell. Wild Things also offers a “Design your own” feature that allows you to choose your outer material, insulation thickness, colors, and a whole lot more.

Designing your own was a good selling point as I touted the benefits of a WT jacket over some junk jacket on Etsy. Good quality gear, made in the States. After ordering one for my wife, I decided Santa should bring me a new camo one as well.

Hooded 4 oz. Primaloft One jacket for $181.70 each, including shipping.

Wild Things Gear coupon:


Information on Primaloft, including it’s performance when wet:


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