You can teach an old log new tricks…


There is a sense of self satisfaction when you can impress two woodsman with over 100 years experience with a new trick. Kind of like impressing an older, wiser brother. So when our dinner break rolled around during our firearm quals, I broke out the chainsaw for a quick warming fire that wouldn’t leave a big fire scar on the range.

From the land of Moras and Gransfors, comes another great bushcraft tool. Enter the Swedish Candle.

The old mountain men on the crew were impressed and one of them proceeded to make a grilled cheese sandwich over it.


While cutting firewood this weekend, I thought I would show how to make one, if you haven’t seen one yet.

1. Cut a seasoned log flat on both endsImage

2. Make vertical cuts and stop them about 4 inches from the base. You can make four, six, or eight pieces.


3. You can light a fire on top and let the coals drop down into the slots or stuff it with fatwood shavings as I did here.


4. Light it up


If needed, you can coax the fire by shoving small, dry sticks down the center. Once the candle is rolling, you can pick it up to move it around or cook on the flat surface.



Levitating canteen


Loaded with wood:


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