Two Rangers brave a chilly night out…


While out patrolling, two Rangers were forced to spend a chilly night out without overnight gear. Using their survival kits and skills, they built weatherproof shelters that allowed them to sleep comfortably in temps that hovered in the low 30’s. The next day, their mindset and fire building skills allowed them to quickly build a fire, dry themselves out, and return home in time for the Superbowl.

True story? No, more like “True” training though.

When I asked Ranger Curtis S. during the mindset lecture what his most likely scenario would be, he described a possible scenario during his backcountry patrols protecting Big South Fork’s rock shelters and it’s archaeological resources. It involved injury, delayed rescue, or a possible cold water swim in the river on a patrol.

I was happy to oblige him and another ranger with the opportunity and skills to face that scenario. Unfortunately, our weather broke this week and overnight low’s of single digits gave way to a no-sleeping bag low of 33 degrees and a balmy 45 degrees when they hit the water. Fortunately, Mother Nature did dump three inches of snow this week, so the creek was ice cold with runoff from the snow melt and they spent some quality time in it.

Class 33/45 learns about food in short term scenarios:


Fire & No Ice..


Positive Mental Attitude in action..


Focused breathing..


Basecamp at night..


Food is not a priority during short term wilderness emergencies and I have found that restricting it only causes the mind to wander during class. December’s class got to sample llama steaks and wild boar sausage showed up on the breakfast menu during this class.


BigPig Outdoors commends these two professionals for making their safety, their families, and those of the public they serve a training priority. Congrats to Class 33/45

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