A motley crew survives…


Congrats to Survival 101 class 37/50, for pulling together, conquering challenges, and having a damn good time!! I will post the rest of the pics on the Facebook page, but here are a few goodies. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bigpig-Outdoors/191471821015019

Natural tinder time..


John and I chowing down on Humpy Watson’s Coontastic “I could eat both legs off a coon” recipe…


Harnessing the sun and capturing the fireball..


No eyebrows were lost..


Outside our shelters, 37 degrees, inside Miami Beach 83..


Doc “Inferno” Miller feeling another type of burn..


Doctor and search and rescue stud shows how it is done..


I don’t even know what to say about this guy.. Good job John!!


Zen master and veteran 101’er, rocks out the one armed, natural tinder, metal match, cold and wet challenge with his non-dominant hand..


No explanation needed.. Happy Birthday Ghengis Khan!!


Looking for real world, proven and practical ways to keep you and your family safe in the wilderness?

Follow in the  footsteps of this motley crew of rangers, doctors, a salesmen, and an  IT researcher to the next Survival 101 course.

Sign up now for the March 8th & 9th “Survival 101” experience.


4 thoughts on “A motley crew survives…

  1. Kenny

    Andrew. I learned a ton spending a fair amount of time outdoors. I learned more in the two days of class than all my time in boy scouts and as a ranger. Faster Lighter Inexpensive and better prepared to make it through a real situation in poor weather. I really apreciate your mellow teaching style and have tons of respect for you skill level. I am glad i was able to learn by watching you perform the skill and then do the skills until you were confident in my skills. Inturn making me confident. Thanks a bunch hopefully we can see you out west soon.


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