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Weather & Mechanical Failure – Caribou hunter spends six days out in – 50 weather. Great comments below the article discuss the costs of SAR, the need for caribou clothing, igloo building skills in the school’s curriculum, and the use of satellite messengers.

Stranded – Sometimes cellphones can get you in trouble –

Lost & Caught out after dark – A day hiker without proper clothing or gear

Boy Scouts venture off trail an get caught out –

Snowboarder heads out of resort bounds and spends the night out –

Mechanical failure – Snowmobilers run out of gas and spend 2 nights out –



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    I am a pretty regular day hiker and occasional car camper. I had heard of Big Pig Outdoors from a friend as a course that would help me to be better prepared in the event some happens unexpectedly when I am hiking. This part of the course interested me because I am starting to take my 3 and 4 year old kids out on the hikes with me. Also it was described as a course that would challenge me mentally and being an athlete and martial artist this also caught my attention. My experience with Big Pig Outdoors not only met my expectations but far exceeded them. I left the course with a total confidence that I could perform the essential emergency survival techniques ( building a shelter, lighting a fire..) under a real life pressure scenario. I know now exactly what I should be doing before I go on my hikes in preparation and what absolutely have to carry on myself at all times when I am hiking ( I used to just carry a water bottle!!!). Needless to say I am grateful to this course for what I have learned and now can pass on to my children so that they will be safe. Finally, my experience with Andrew also was phenomenal. It was very apparent from the beginning that he is a master at his craft. He is extremely knowledgeable and presents the material simply and easy to understand. In addition the environment that he creates as a result of his leadership is one of a family. I would recommend this course with the highest confidence and I am looking forward to taking my next course with Andrew.

    John Bove Atlanta, Georgia


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