Survival news…


Unprepared overnight stay –

A young Ranger submitted this story and said it would be his “dream” rescue.

Backcountry snowboarder spends the night out and hikes to safety –

Vehicle stuck and stranded in snowstorm, teens take refuge in a cabin

Missing hiker –

Injury – 

Arches National Park (UT)
Visitor Sustains Serious Injuries In Hundred-Foot Fall

On March 12th, a 22-year-old man who had scrambled to the top of a rock fin near the park’s primitive loop was standing on a rock that crumbled under him, causing him to free fall about 100 feet to the dry wash below and inflicting critical, life-threatening injuries.

Two visiting paramedics rendered care and were able to communicate using the campground host’s radio, who was on a hike and responded to the scene.

A team of maintenance, road crew, fee, reservation and resource personnel, some of them in the vicinity, were lead on a rescue operation by visitor and resource protection staff. The injured man was packaged and carried out a quarter mile on a litter to a waiting helicopter and then flown to a hospital.

The rapid response contributed to the saving of the man’s life.

Snowmobilers –

Falling rocks –

Broken leg while skiing –

Small plane crash and fatality just 10 minutes in the mountains 10 minutes from my house –

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