News from the survival world…

As the countdown to the birth of my son marches on, the tragedy of this story hits a little closer to home tonight. Like the father in the picture, I know that I will deeply love my son and I am already planning great wilderness adventures. I cannot imagine the grief and sorrow felt by this family and my heart goes out to them.

You and I have something that they do not have though… another opportunity. An opportunity to spend some quality time outdoors with someone we love and an opportunity to leave a trip plan that can save our lives.

When you are cold, wet, and have no cell service, it is too late. Take the time before your trip and leave a trip plan with someone that cares about you. A trip plan is free, easy, and saves lives. If you have a family member that ventures of into the wilds and does not leave a plan, steal their keys until they fill one out. I leave a modified version with my crew everyday.

Click here to print some off:

Father and son missing on spring break hike. Note that the SAR personnel did not know where to start looking –

Search for father and son suspended. I can only hope that maybe they are still hanging in there  –

Caught out – Bad weather, unprepared, lost

Missing Doctor from story a couple weeks ago found dead –

Note the use of isometrics to keep warm –

Very large group of students lost in bad weather –

Missing hunter –

Effective trip plan launches SAR team –

Missing person reported, but lack of information delays SAR –


“Your not dead, until your warm and dead” Amazing hypothermia save with 4 hours of CPR!! –

And stranded on a cliff –


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