“BigPig Outdoors Wild Meal” award…


When my wife paints a picture of when we first started dating, it will inevitably focus on how I was a helpless, hapless bachelor living off cereal in a house that was more like a hunting dog kennel than a home. Well, maybe I did eat my fair share of cereal dinners, but those hunting dogs were some of the finest dogs I have ever owned and deserved their royal treatment.

Fast forward to last week when Darrin from http://365wholefoods.blogspot.com/ interviewed me and asked to use one of her meals in an upcoming book. Now her taunts about my cooking ability end with a statement about her “award winning” meal. Fair enough, she is a great cook, but what I lack in ability is made up with resourceful foraging, and I just happened to win the first “BigPig Outdoors Wild Meal” award tonight!! Ouch, I am sure she can feel that sting in Florida and I can’t wait to share the news tomorrow..

This wild meal, and the photo, would have undoubtedly been better had she not been in Florida this weekend, but the self-appointed judge thought it was award worthy. It was my first time eating Devil’s Walking Stick (Aralia spinosa) shoots and I thought they were okay, definitely better with butter, but everything is better that way.

The winning meal was deer tenderloin with a side of Devil’s Walking Stick shoot greens and Solomon Seal shoots, and a basswood, Solomon Seal rhizome, and redbud flowers salad.

What was last night’s meal…ummm. Would you believe wild gathered oats and freshly foraged bananas?


Devil’s Walking Stick (Aralia spinosa)





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