Search and Rescue Weekly..

Injured Climber Rescued During Spring Storm – 

The combined efforts of search and rescue teams from Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park, Ouray Mountain Rescue, West Elk Mountain Rescue and Western State Mountain Rescue resulted in the successful evacuation of an injured climber from the Atlantis buttress during a spring storm on Sunday, April 13th.

The park received a report of an injured climber on Saturday evening.  Climbing rangers, including a park paramedic, located the climber late that evening and bivouacked overnight with him, treating his several injuries.  He was injured when he pulled a large boulder off the wall while leading a pitch on a route called “Hotlanta” on the Atlantis buttress.

Additional technical rescue teams arrived on Sunday to help raise the climber 1,800 feet to the canyon’s North Rim. Intermittent whiteout conditions with heavy, wet snow and gusty winds challenged the rescuers during this high angle rescue.

The climber, who is from Durango, Colorado, was taken to a medical facility with ankle, chest, and facial injuries. He is in stable condition.

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2 thoughts on “Search and Rescue Weekly..

  1. Jake

    I believe your pic there is from Yosemite sar. They had a crazy helicopter rescue from a buttress where guy broke his back in multiple spots. Crazy stuff


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