Survival Weekly – 7/7/14


Television would have you believe, survival is about alliances, tiki torches, and eating gross stuff. The “real” reality show that plays out everyday in our wild areas, is about making good decisions and having the right mentality, equipment, and training for your chosen endeavor.

Contrary to the TV show intros, the wilderness is not a big, scary thing waiting to devour you. Millions of people spent time outside this week and only a handful of stories make it on here. Survival Weekly is posted not to scare people from heading outdoors or poke fun at the victims, but to use the stories as a learning tool. Awareness of threats, stories of success, bad decisions, and heartbreak all bolster and train the mindset that is so important in a wilderness emergency.

This week’s stories feature three incidents involving illness related to high altitude. Even if you aren’t planning on climbing Everest, knowing the signs and symptoms of these illnesses are important if your summer plans take you over 8000 feet. More information can be found here:

Hikers with altitude sickness rescued –  

Rocky Mountain National Park (CO)
Injured Man Rescued From Sky Pond Area

On the night of Saturday, June 28th, a 21-year-old man activated his personal locator beacon (PLB) near the Continental Divide after suffering a tumbling fall and getting stuck in a location where he could not move up or down.

The PLB showed his general location to be west of the divide below the Taylor Peak – Powell Peak ridge line. Rangers were eventually able to speak with him and had him call 911 from his cell phone to enable the GPS on his phone to narrow down his location, which was found to be above Sky Pond.

A hasty team of search and rescue members left the Glacier Gorge Trailhead early Sunday morning. One team member was flown to the summit of Thatchtop Mountain. The man was located about 1500 feet above Sky Pond and 500 feet below Thatchtop Mountain in a steep, scree area with loose rocks.

The man was assessed and treated and then evacuated to the trailhead. He was taken by a family member to a local medical facility for treatment.

Rocky Mountain National Park’s Search and Rescue Team members were assisted by Rocky Mountain Rescue and Larimer County Search and Rescue.

Fishermen rescued from canyon –

Paraglider rescued from tree –

Stranded ATV rider rescued –

Climbing fatality –

Man rescued in remote area vehicle crash –

Jet skiers rescued by Coast Guard –

Boy rescued from surf, another still missing ––year-old-in/article_00e8970a-4988-53e7-8a44-63da225c0dfa.html My 12 year old step-daughter wonders why I make her tread water so much in our lake. The rescued boy in the story treaded water for 34 minutes

Grand Canyon National Park (AZ)
Visitor Dies On Bright Angel Trail

Park dispatch received a report late last Sunday morning of CPR in progress on a park visitor just above Three-Mile Rest House on the Bright Angel Trail.

Bystanders began CPR and were soon assisted by park personnel who responded from up trail. The park’s helicopter was diverted from another medical call at Indian Gardens and arrived soon thereafter. Personnel onboard provided advanced life support resuscitation, but efforts to save the 62-year-old man proved unavailing.

The man was hiking out the canyon after completing a commercial river trip. An investigation into the incident is being conducted by the park and county medical examiner.

Hiker rescued from cliff –

Hypothermic hikers rescued –

Quarry claims teenager –

Missing boater recovered –

SAR for diver hampered by rip tides ––265399131.html

Body recovered in National Forest search –



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