Summer P.E.M.U. recipes..


As promised, here are the recipes from the Summer P.E.M.U. class for the treats not made in camp.

Everybody’s favorite was the Blackberry-Raspberry Crumble Bars which came from here: The only thing my wife did differently was add some honey to it and purple flowered raspberries.



The Black Cherry syrup that we topped the bars with was just a 1:1 simple sugar syrup recipe.



The kudzu pesto was olive oil, garlic, salt, pumpkin seeds, some pepper, parmesan cheese thrown into a food processor with young kudzu leaves, oxeye daisy greens, and some violet greens. I don’t have an exact recipe since I was taught to just eyeball it when we made it out of chickweed at one of Marc William’s classes.


The spicebush muffins and dandelion jelly recipes can be found in Ila’s recipe book here:

Sumacade and mountain mint tea…


Digging for grounduts..


Groundnuts that we later pan fried..


Processing elderberries for tinctures..


Class photo..


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