Survival Weekly – 10/20/14…


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This is textbook “Survival 101” material. Family gets lost and forced to spend night out in frigid conditions –

and click here if you want to prepare for the same  –

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Three rescue divers receive advanced training in my home county. Congrats Brian!! –

Hiking – 

Teen hiker falls to death –

Ongoing rescue for hikers stranded in avalanche –

Hunter/Gatherer – 

Missing hunter found –

Search continues for missing fisherman –

Teen hunter survives the night with survival kit –

Climbing – 

Zion National Park (UT)
Rangers Conduct Two Simultaneous Rescues

Over a span of ten minutes on the afternoon of October 10th, the park received reports of two visitors requiring evacuation by means of technical rope rescues from two separate locations.

A 35-year-old canyoneer in Pine Creek Canyon had jumped five feet into a pool of water.  He thought that the pool was deep enough to cushion his landing, but landed on a ledge hidden just below the surface.  He broke his fibula and was unable to bear any weight on his injured leg.

Ranger/Medic Matthew Chuvarsky rappelled through the canyoneering route to the man’s location.  The Canyon Overlook Trail follows the rim of Pine Creek Canyon; rangers set up a lowering system to lower a litter and attendant from the trail to the man’s location, then raised him and two attendants 350 feet back to the trail.

The second injury occurred in Hidden Canyon, where a 51-year-old woman jumped a short distance while she was down climbing an obstacle. She also suffered from a broken fibula.

Evacuation of a victim from Hidden Canyon requires the construction of a 400-foot-high line to bypass a section of the trail carved into a cliff face. Ranger/Medic Matthew McCarthy hiked to the woman’s location and explained the challenges of a litter evacuation to her. She decided to attempt to hobble out of the canyon with assistance from crutches and rangers and was able to complete the task.  A litter team met her just past the cliff face and carried her to the trailhead.

Twenty-five SAR team members assisted during the two incidents.  Jumping, as opposed to using a rope or down climbing, is the leading cause of preventable injuries in the Zion Wilderness.

Woman rescued after fall from cliff –

Water Safety – 

Vehicles – 

Injured mountain biker rescued –

Injured cyclist rescued –

Urban – 

Woman rescued from chimney –

Missing dementia sufferer rescued –

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