Survival 101 dates announced!!…


It’s fall, so you load up the family and drive to the mountains to enjoy the beautiful colors. Your family decides to hike up a popular trail that afternoon. The hike takes longer than you expected and night starts to creep in.You have no flashlight and the light on your cell phone is not bright enough to walk the slick trail safely.

You call 911 for help, but the spotty cell phone reception drops your call before you can give your location. You try again with no luck. Fear starts to creep in as the kids start to cry.

Your water is low, you ate all your food, and you don’t have anything to keep you warm other than the fleece jackets you are wearing. You try to start a fire, but everything is wet. Temperatures start to dip into the 30’s. Your kids are cold and start to shiver. You hope that rescuers are on the way, but realize that they have no clue of your whereabouts in the 500,000 acre park. You huddle with your family and pray that you make it through the night.

This isn’t fiction, it is reality.

Wilderness emergencies can happen to anyone of us that choose to venture into the great outdoors. Chances are that you won’t be stranded on some remote island naked with a cute girl, but most likely you will be injured, wet, and/or facing a night out without proper gear.

Understanding the true nature of wilderness survival scenarios is the first step. Next, you need to learn the skills to handle them and then train them under real world conditions. That is where BigPig Outdoors Survival 101 class excels.

Old Man Winter is here, so Survival 101 class dates are announced. Click here to learn how you can get the “pressure tested” skills, knowledge, and confidence to survive the night and more –


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