20 Years of Crapping in a Bucket..


I met Tim Smith, of Jack Mountain Bushcraft, about 3 years into his Humanure experiments. Seventeen years later, he has dumped some of his pearls of wisdom out there for all of us to enjoy and learn from.

Click here for good outhouse reading… http://www.jackmtn.com/simplog/20-years-of-humanure-composting/

2 thoughts on “20 Years of Crapping in a Bucket..

  1. james noble

    Hey Andrew, How’s it going? I sent you a voicemail but I don’t know if you get cell reception or not. Do you have anything open for the grandson and I on February 7/8? Could you let me know a S a P if possible. There were only four plane tickets left as of today. Thanks for your time and trouble.

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