Nerd Alert!! – Build Your Kid a Hobbit Bow…


What do you get a twelve year old that would rather live in Middle Earth for Christmas?

You make them a PVC wood elf bow..

Now before you scoff at a PVC bow, stroll on over to Youtube and watch some guys building 50+ pound recurves, hence why I posted it in “Self Reliance”.

I don’t need anything that stout for my step-daughter yet, but I do need something that looks like it would kill an Orc and is fun to shoot. This was the tutorial I used

I kept it light at a 20 pound pull, but I am amazed at how good the “faux” wood grain looks from just sandpaper and shoe polish.


If you are looking for a fun, cheap project that will get your kids outside slinging arrows, this is it. A heat gun, some PVC pipe, some shoe polish, and a length of string.


4 thoughts on “Nerd Alert!! – Build Your Kid a Hobbit Bow…

  1. Andrea

    Father of the year award to you! Twice! 🙂 I am also a lover of Middle Earth, and even more of Legolas… 😉 Happy New year to you and the family. I sense many adventures to come!


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