Class 19/40 – The One Mil Wonders…


“It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog”

I can’t help but think that ‘Ole Mark Twain was thinking about this 100 pound, 14 year old powerhouse who made an icy bath look like a soak in a hot tub and then crushed the “Girl in the Creek” drill.

No small feat considering I have had grown men flat out refuse to even step foot in the icy, 40 degree water. Audrey proves, once again, that mental toughness can come in any size package and that the proper mindset is the best survival tool you can carry.

Congrats to Class 19/40 for an outstanding display of teamwork, communication, display of learned skills, and the willingness to be my lab rats in the pursuit of lighter shelter systems!! Their field testing of the 1 mil shelters will help to create a lighter system that won’t be left out of the day pack and may one day save a life.


The “One Mil Wonders” setting up for the 19 degree night..


No sleeping bag, no problem…


Builder, leader, and thoughtful fire tender..


Icing down the boys..


What does 40 degree water feel like? A picture is worth a thousand words…


Not everyone enjoys my teaching style..


Even if they slept like a princess through the 19 degree night…


Dr. Survival’s experience and enthusiasm pays off even when injured..


Veteran rescuer takes on the challenge..


Last man soaking…


Band of brothers..


The bear’s lair..

photo (7)

BigPig Outdoors can turn that frown..


Upside down..


Want to gain the confidence, knowledge, and skills of Class 19/40? Click here for BPO’s Survival 101 class info:

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