Wilderness & Tactical Medicine News…


Thanks to Mike in SC for keeping me in the loop with his emails and Doc Hawkins FB page for the interesting reads..

  • “The Army’s “Emergency War Surgery” has been a staple combat/austere medical reference and until now, the latest edition (3rd) was from 2004.  I found the updated (4th) 2014 edition here, which includes the many lessons learned during the recent wars: http://www.cs.amedd.army.mil/borden/Portlet.aspx?ID=cb88853d-5b33-4b3f-968c-2cd95f7b7809 The entire book is available as a single .epub or .mobi file, then each chapter is available as a separate PDF file.  However I haven’t found the whole book in one PDF file.” – Mike
  • PJ MEDCAST are the podcasts for PJ MED (Pararescue Medicine). Besides PJs, these podcasts may be useful to other Military, Law Enforcement and Civilian Medical Personnel involved in Tactical and Technical Rescue Medicine, and other facets of Operational Medicine. PJs may document the time they spend listening to podcasts as training for their training folders, and also apply towards Paramedic Recertification. This podcast represents the positions of the authors and may not represent the offical position of the Department of the Defense or the United States Government.   http://www.hipcast.com/podcast/HR9yJb

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