Class 38/48 – The Big Spoonin’, Beaver Eatin’, Tea Sippin’, Basket Weavers…


My Dad asked me last week..

“Other than put them in the water and build shelters, what do you do with them?”

I always forget to take pics, but when I do, it is of the shelters and the creek drill. This class I planned to do better, but old habits die hard..

Congrats to Class 38/48!!

The Big Spoonin’…


Beaver Eatin’…

20150203_095936 (1)


Tea Sippin’…


Basket Weavers!!!


What else did they learn?

Some learned lessons in perseverance..


Some learned to stow lifesaving gear after use..


Some learned about the “Leave-A-Trace” program..


And some learned they have a real leader in their midst..


Truth be told, there is a lot of lessons packed in to the weekend Survival 101 class. Some come from the lecture, some come from the drills, and some come from within. A graduate of a previous class wrote me a nice note that I will quote:

“Having gone through the course myself, I know firsthand the exceptional experience, not just in survival-craft, but in life-craft too. The course got me out of my comfort zone and allowed me to see my life from a new perspective. These experiences are something we all need from time to time in our lives. Whether they come from a book, travels, a survival class, or something else. They wake us up from an often dizzying world, and remind us of what’s truly important in our lives.”

Special thanks to the BCRS safety crew for coming out to play..


Interested in learning life-saving lesson yourself? Check for Survival 101 dates here:


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