Class 24/49 – First Timers…

**Team Inferno broke my thermometer, so i posted the class temp as the forecasted temp from a couple days prior.  Accuweather & Wunderground state that the actual recorded low temp was 24, not 37 as I originally posted, so that is even better for these guys!!

Congrats to Survival 101 Class 24/49 and special props goes to this young man for surviving his first ever camping trip!! Not many people would choose their first camping trip to be in 20 degree weather with no sleeping bag and a cold swim in the creek, but with a former Spec ops and Judo instructor for a dad, it must run in the genes.


It was also the first time this returning sasquatch combined the Super Shelter principles with a natural shelter..


It was the first time I got to photograph  the shiver rings in the creek drill..


And  the first of many adventures to come with this SAR team candidate..


Job well done..


Spring is here, but we may still get a cold snap. Email to be put on the notify list if Old Man Winter hangs in for a couple more rounds.


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