Backcountry Search & Rescue Team now recruiting…


One of my many projects is finally coming to fruition and I am pleased to announce that the Backcountry Unit of the Blount County Rescue Squad is now recruiting.

Experienced outdoor athletes = You need 10+ years of experience in outdoor adventure pursuits

Hazardous work = You will be exposed to risks associated with off trail travel in mountainous terrain

No wages = You won’t get paid

Long hours = You may get tired

Adverse weather = Rain, sleet, snow, heat, etc.

High level of fitness = USFS pack test + 6 mile carry out + 100 burpess in under 10 minutes

Honor and recognition = May just be a pat on the back and knowing you helped out where few others could

Interested? Apply here:

Blount County Rescue Squad also has other opportunities on the search & rescue team and  road operations.

1 thought on “Backcountry Search & Rescue Team now recruiting…

  1. Jake

    Good work Andrew. I appreciate those standards. Now it’s time to see some people put their reputations where their mouth is. Good luck


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