Class 25/52 – Last, But Not Least..


Well, it’s time to pack up the Survival 101 gear until next Winter, as Spring’s unstoppable forces roll in with warm weather. Thanks to Class 25/52 for making another great class!!

Not only did Doc Campbell bring and share his wealth of knowledge on wilderness medicine and mini-kit, but he also brought his badass drone to take pics of the signalling phase.


Here you can see the split open garbage bag, space blanket, and ground to air signal. I have been clearing pines for the landowner, so we use them for bedding. Green on green does not afford the contrast, but the angles are noticeable from altitude.



And here you can see the value of a signal mirror..


What happens when you show up to class and your buddy didn’t tell you about the “Man in the Creek” drill? Well, misery loves company..


Cozy super shelters the night before..



And a heartfelt thanks to Rick, for the use of his land and his spontaneous decision to jump in the creek.


Check back in next winter or email us to be put on the Survival 101 notification list

If you can’t wait that long, BPO’s 1 day course will be debuting this Spring. Stay tuned..






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