Meet Bob and Maxine..


Foraging for blueberries is great, but picking your own at local growers is pretty cost and time effective when you are toting a little one, a teenager, and your wife.

Bob and Maxine run a pesticide free, 2 acre pick-ur-own blueberry farm in Blount County at 111 Harmon Rd, on the outskirts of Maryville. In business for 30 years, they are proud to be chemical free.


The cheapest organic blueberries at Trader Joes, run $5.99 for a pound and a half. We left the Falls Blueberry farm with 5 1/2 pounds for $8.25!! Not only is that a great deal, but good for the environment. As everyone knows, buying local means fresher food that didn’t get trucked all the way across the country, reducing your carbon footprint and keeping your money supporting more sustainable agriculture.

Open through August, we will be regulars there over the next month. They provide berry baskets. You provide the labor. Good times, good food, and good people.

Here is a good resource for other growers in your state:


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