Three Fall Training Courses Announced…


BigPig Outdoor’s is excited to offer three great trainning opportunities this fall…

Skills of Survival – By popular demand, we have boiled down the Survival 101 curriculum into a 1 day meat and potatoes course. No overnight bivouac or cold water immersion, means it is a perfect intro into the world of wilderness self-reliance. This class will be taught in a roving method, so we will be spending the day hiking through the woods, learning and practicing the skills. Graduates of Survival 101 that want to bring family members through are welcome to attend free of charge. Read more and register here:


Fall Foraging Workshop – It’s time to harvest the fall bounty!! Come out and learn to view the woods as your Kroger, Home Depot, and Walgreens. Read more here:–edible–medicinal—-useful-plants.html


Rob Spieden Tracking Class – I have wrangled the mac daddy of SAR tracking in Virginia to run a one day animal tracking class and one day human tracking class with me. If you want to track people, take both. Read more here:


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