Tracking Fugitives…

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My good friend, mentor, and tactical tracking instructor has had a lot of success lately with the teams he has been training, so I asked if he wanted to do a guest blog here to promo his services and new book. If he is not out chasing bears or deer, he is teaching America’s finest to track down those that do us harm. What follows are the wise words of Mike Hull – BPO

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What do the Beltway Snipers, the Pennsylvania Trooper Murder (Frein case), the recent New York prison escapees and the recent killing of Officer Lloyd Reed in Pennsylvania, all have in common?

Visual tracking played a large role in the investigation and/or capture of the criminals involved.

What did all of the officers who did the tracking have in common?

They all attended my tactical tracking classes.

This is just a sample of hundreds of cases where tracking and foot impression evidence is being utilized successfully across the country. So important and valuable that Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland and, next year, New York Conservation Police, established in-house instructors and training for their officers.

As a retired Game Warden with over 40 years of Law Enforcement related experience it is with great pleasure that I see the value and use of visual tracking being recognized and used.  It was in the middle of my LE career that I started pursuing structured tracking training and recognized the overlooked value of this science, yes it is a science.  Everything you operate from can be learned and documented by any competent officer.

My interests and pursuits have taken me way past my wildest imagination at the time.  I retired from full time LE in 2008 and started teaching tracking full time (still maintain my LE certifications). Having partnered with The Scott-Donelan Tracking School and Natural Awareness Tracking School I have been able to experience and learn just how broad the value of tracking is for multiple purposes such as Search and Rescue, Law Enforcement, intelligence gathering, finding Improvised Explosive Devices, animal research and escape and evasion.

I have watched my training expand from boy scouts to Special Forces and everything in between.  I have listened to many excited officers contacting me after a case they had made using tracking and there is always another common denominator between them, your training gave me the confidence to continue on the trail.

After years of procrastinating I finally finished my book on tracking.  This book gives a brief history of me and how I learned this scientific skill set; it is focused on the use and value of tracking in law enforcement and laced with short case experiences. I finish it off with more technical points and a vocabulary for those interested in learning this skill.  I tried to make an interesting balance between an interesting read and a learning manual for all tracking practitioners.

My book is titled “Man Tracking in Law Enforcement” and can be purchased through Amazon or by contacting me personally and paying ($25 includes postage in US) through Pay Pal at


Should you or your agency want training, email me at or call 434 996 3639.


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