Class 42/44 – Worst weather, for Virgina’s finest..


Congrats to Class 42/44, a group of dedicated Search & Rescue personnel, for facing the challenges of Survival 101 during some very challenging weather!

When the weather forecast stated “high 30’s and an inch of rain”, I told Rob, “I guess we have the worst weather for Virginia’s finest!!”

Well the weatherman got the temp wrong, but they nailed the 1″ of rain, as it poured all night, filling the creek up nicely for the “Man/Woman in the Creek” drill.


Gathering bedding..


I always say that if I had to be the subject of a search or rescue, that I hope it would be in Virginia, under the jurisdiction of VDEM. After spending the weekend with members from multiple Virginia teams, I feel even more strongly about that statement.

Looking forward to the Virginia SAR Conference in April and training with more of VDEM’s finest.


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