BUSAR Training – Ski’s March of the Skedco..


My only experience with a Skedco before March’s training was hauling out a dead body a couple years back, so when Ski told me he had acquired a couple for our training weekend, I was excited to ride in one.

First to volunteer, I found the off-trail ride to be a relaxing back massage as I was slid across logs, sticks, and rocks.


Our day started with plotting UTM’s for our drop off and rally points, followed by off-trail navigation to the rally point.



Team Bravo route..


At the rally point, Doc Miller and former SF trooper, Andrew M., led some lessons on Kendrick Traction Devices and improvised traction splints..


We ran a mini-sign square station and sign interp for the tracking portion, straight from VA’s Operational Tracker Evaluation..


And then loaded up in the Skedco for the carryout to Hwy 129, taking turns every 20 minutes or so..



Even though we only needed one Skedco, each team hauled one in to figure out the challenges of off trail carry. From that experience, I created a new sport after tossing it across the creek and through holes in the rhodo multiple times.

Behold the Skedco Toss!!



BUSAR recruuitment: https://www.facebook.com/BUSAR1111/





2 thoughts on “BUSAR Training – Ski’s March of the Skedco..

  1. Jake

    Nice training day. Those are great tools. I used one in WY last year with a cow elk that I had shot. We had hiked in uphill a long ways and I was able to ride the cow elk down most the hilly sections. It was awesome. Dual purpose!


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