Families Only Survival 101 – December 17-18, 2016



I usually run a Holiday special every year, but this year, I have deciided to switch it up and run a “Family” Survival 101 class on December 17-18 with discounted prices.

This class is only open to families with kids and there is no age requirement. That means the pace will be a little slower and the challenges scaled appropriately, but Mom and Dad will get all they need to take care of the family in a wilderness emergency. The kids will get re-connected with the woods and learn realistic outdoor safety skills to keep them safe if they ever get separated from the party.

Whether your family is gearing up for the next outdoor adventure, prepping for uncertain times, or just want to grow together while learning new skills and facing challenges, this course is for you.


This holiday season, you have an important choice…

Buy the kids some junk they will play with for a couple months before it breaks and your wife or husband a present they probably do not want, or buy a gift that makes your family stronger, smarter, and more resiliant!!

Click here to read about the course and see the discounted prices. This is the only scheduled 101 class that allows children under 12 years old. Limited spots available: Survival 101

Got questions? Email : bigpigoutdoors@gmail.com


2 thoughts on “Families Only Survival 101 – December 17-18, 2016

  1. Richard Suffridge

    Andrew, Thank you for the training you provide to my son-in-law and two grandsons. They told me of you enthusiasm in teaching. The youngest boy,Chance, a malignant cancer survivor came home and built a shelter. Please contact me when you have another one day course that the boys and myself could attend. Again, Thank You and God Bless, Richard Suffridge

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    1. bigpigoutdoors Post author

      Richard, thanks for the kind comments. Your son in-law and both grandsons did great. I don’t know if they told you, but they were the first family to finish the final challenge on the last day, which combined medical, fire, shelter, navigation, and communication skills. I was not aware of Chance’s medical history, but not surprised that he won that battle, as both boys seem like they are well on their way to becoming tough men. I am running the one day classes on reservation only, but I will let you know if I get one scheduled.


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