5 thoughts on “Spring Foraging class – April 8, 2017..

  1. clydedog

    Hi, I’m wondering about yer Red Back boots? Still going or in the bin. I bought a pair for urban wear, going well after13 months. Mike Mulvaney

    1. bigpigoutdoors Post author

      Hi Mike, I need to do an update on my torture test. I hiked thousands of miles in them and didn’t treat the leather at all. I finally got some holes where the leather cracked and retired them. Just got a new pair in November and plan on taking care of this pair. I love RedBacks. Only boot I wear.

  2. Richard Suffridge

    Andrew, Will you be having the one day course on April 15? Thanks, Richard Suffridge

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  3. Richard Suffridge

    A H, The class scheduled for April 15, Is this class going to meeting? Thanks

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