Move, Jump, Climb, and Lift Like Tarzan…


Photo: Breaking Muscle article linked below

During a recent search and rescue operation, I was launched off the trail, landing upside down 10 feet down the mountainside. I was grateful to be uninjured, grateful for years of falling in judo, and grateful I had started a new mobility routine several weeks ago.

I had heard about MovNat last year from one of their instructors, but it was only recently that I started to explore it as I was looking to add some mobility work into my fitness routine. The founder, Erwan Le Corre, describes the system in this article –     MovNat Explained

The practicality of the system to my line of work is unquestionable and we have already incorporated some of the exercises into our weekly SAR team workouts.

Here is a video from the Youtube channel : MovNat Founder

After watching all 195 videos and reading everything I can find online, I was happy to find out that there will be a workshop on Saturday June 24 in Knoxville at Irontribe Gym. Needless to say, I am excited about training with them on that day and wanted to spread the word about their program.

MovNat Elements Workshop

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