BigPig Outdoors at REI Asheville…


Wilderness emergencies can be prevented or managed by having the right mindset, skills, and gear. I pack 25+ years of stories and experience into my REI classes and we work hands on skills that can keep you alive. This year, we are also handing out my favorite emergency shelter and firestarters, having some of Team BUSAR visit, and donating some of the class fee to the team.

Headed to Asheville on February 15th.  Future dates will be posted on the calendar and class pages.

These classes tend to reach capacity rather quickly, so keep checking back to see when one is coming to your area. Knoxville only has 4 spots left.

REI Asheville link here

Other REI events:

REI Brentwood January 21

REI Knoxville January 30

2 thoughts on “BigPig Outdoors at REI Asheville…

  1. Will Taylor

    Hey Andrew, it’s Will Taylor, probably see you at the reunion gig in Brentwood in a few weeks, but quick question, which pack did you say you like last time we hung out, the deuter ACT 30? Saw it’s on sale at REI and was thinking of picking one up, thanks see ya soon, WT.

    1. bigpigoutdoors Post author

      ACT 30 is a great pack. The team is carrying the ACT Trail Pro 34 as a 3-season SAR pack right now because it has a kangaroo pocket that we can shove a helmet or tech gear in. Looking for to catching up in Brentwood


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