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Ready for trauma?


Your outdoor first aid kit doesn’t need to be fancy, but well thought out. Severe cuts by chainsaws, knives, or axes, hunting accidents, falls, and in this case, a mountain biking accident, are possible. Here, direct pressure and remaining calm saved the day, but having the materials to pack a wound, apply a tourniquet, or a pressure bandage don’t take up much room or weigh a lot.

Like a tactical environment,  in the wilderness, different protocols need to be considered. Since the bleed was too high for a tourniquet, wound packing with a hemostatic gauze or any gauze would have been appropriate.

Watch the video of the mountain biker with a severed femoral artery here:  http://vimeo.com/82378717 You’ll have to wait until the Fall Guy clip ends

Read about wound packing here: On page 5  http://www.nfpa.org/~/media/Files/Research/Resource%20links/First%20responders/Urban%20Fire%20Forum/UFF%20TECC.pdf

Watch a demo here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SktWh8rcqaQ

Buy hemostatic gauze or compressed gauze here: