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More Than One Dose From an EpiPen..


Ten years ago, my EMT instructor at Tyson McGhee showed us a cool way to get a couple more doses out of an EpiPen. Caught in the act, he was chastised by his commanding officer and I stood by in disbeilef, as I witnessed the disparity between concern for liability and practicality rear it’s ugly head.

Well, Bubba taught me well, and after administering Epi to a patient at Mammoth Cave five years ago, I passed on his rebellious teachings to the Rangers on scene. Conversations at this past weekend’s tracking class, reminded me that I needed to write this post for Kevin and Doc Survival.

Fortunately, someone with far more knowledge and experience has already done the legwork, so I present “The Retrieval of Additional Epinephrine from Autoinjectors” by Seth Hawkins, M.D.


A tip of the hat goes to my buddies Kirk Harris and Fred Baty, who developed the Roane State method. Their outstanding Wilderness First Responder course is coming up in January and highly recommended for outdoor enthusiasts.