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Tactical Fruit Picker..


Well not really. That was just my wife poking fun at me this morning when I told her I was going to do a “gear” review this morning.

Why do you have to call it “gear”? Are you going to call it “tactical” too?

Living in two different worlds can be entertaining at times. The overuse of the word “tactical” in the youtube reviews she has overheard is nicely balanced by the ubiquitous usage of the word “consciousness” in her videos. While butchering a wild hog the other day I explained to her that in the past I would have been a prize catch for my hunting and trapping skills, to which she curtly replied “Well, I don’t eat my friends“.

The list goes on, but one thing that we both agree on is that dried pears are good.

I have been running my dehydrator non-stop over the last couple weeks after I found a “feral” pear tree growing in the yard on some land I trap. I call it “feral” because it is not pruned or managed and the landowner just lets the fruit rot on the ground. That is great for me, the only problem is that even standing on the roof of my truck, some of the pears are out of reach.

Enter the “Tactical Fruit Picker” and BPO’s first “Gear” review. I first saw one at the Wildfood Festival being used for pawpaws, so I knew it was the answer. Only $9.75 plus shipping http://www.amazon.com/TR20090-Fruit-Picker-Head/dp/B000UGM6YW/ref=sr_1_1?s=lawn-garden&ie=UTF8&qid=1384784784&sr=1-1&keywords=fruit+picker+head

It attaches via hose clamp to any pole about 1 inch or so in diameter. I attached it to one of my telescoping gigging poles. Once attached, I could not resist the urge to yell “Spartans” and playfully attack my wife.

How did it do on pears though? Great. Solid construction and you can fit multiple pears in the basket. A good buy for the price, even though it is not available in Multicam.