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“So this bear walks into a bar…”


Or my hog trap in this case..

Not what I expected in the trap!! I am running some hog traps just across the state line for a friend in NC. According to state law, all hog traps  “must be constructed in a manner such that a non-target animal can easily be released or can escape without harm

I guess the bear never read the “escape” clause, even though he stuck his head up through the 18 x 18 inch hole several times when I got there.

Problem 1:  Angry bear in a trap

Problem 2:  Angry bear can reach all the way through the hog panels and angry bear is strong

Problem 3:  I need to get on top of the trap to raise the heavy door without angry bear deciding to use the escape hole to jump me from behind and/or pull me into the cage and chew me up


Solution: A piece of scrap plywood, a big stick, some delicate footwork, and a pinch of testicular fortitude.

Cover the hole with the scrap plywood, have your big stick ready to thump him if he turns on you, and carefully climb on top avoiding the pissed off bear’s attempts to claw you.

Most likely, he will shoot out of the trap like a rocket leaving you unscathed. My bear decided it was time to cool off and go for a nice morning swim…


NC Feral Swine Trapping Regs: