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BigPig Outdoors in the black…


Directly in front of Rob and I, is a good place to be if a wildfire is heading your way. “In the black” is also a good place to be if you just started your business and moves me to say two things.

First, I want to show gratitude to those that have supported me in my ventures. Special thanks goes to my business advisers for their answers to my questions and encouragement; my Dad, Tim, Archie, Rob, Dave, Harold, Brad, Benji, and Jeff to name a few. Some of you I have been able to thank in person, but for those I haven’t, you may be reading this and I appreciate your help.

Words can’t express my appreciation to my wife who has help me immensely, supported me, and cooked some great meals for this blog. Thanks to all my friends, 101 students, blog followers, and facebook friends for your support and friendship.

Second, I want to encourage those that have been following my progress as I made some pretty big changes in my life to chase a dream. If you are wanting to change some things in your life, here are some great resources that will help you if it involves starting a business:

48 Days to the Work You Love: http://www.amazon.com/Days-Work-You-Love-Preparing/dp/1433669331/ref=la_B001IGM1CU_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1394925642&sr=1-1

Quitter: http://www.amazon.com/Quitter-Closing-Between-Your-Dream/dp/0982986270

Four Hour Work Week: http://www.amazon.com/The-4-Hour-Workweek-Anywhere-Expanded/dp/0307465357

Entreleadership: http://www.amazon.com/EntreLeadership-Practical-Business-Wisdom-Trenches/dp/1451617852

Business mentoring: http://www.score.org/

Where do we go from here? Forward of course. Many have asked, so I am gearing up to offer the one-day survival course and the online store carrying the gear I use and abuse.

Thanks for everything and stay tuned – Andrew