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Urban Foraging


I credit this find to Harold the hoghunter and blueberry cake donuts..

Two years ago, I went to Rhode Island to visit my buddy and spearfish off Little Compton. Having never been in that part of the country, I was amazed that there was a Dunkin Donuts every other block. At least that is what it seemed like. Harold explained to me that they live off of coffee and donuts in that part of the country, which I still believe.

Fast forward to last trapping season when Maryville got it’s first Dunkin Donuts and my quahoggin’ buddy would convince me to make a run up into town. Always on the lookout, I have been watching the large pecan in their backyard and gathered some this afternoon on the way back from town.

In the spirit of brotherly love, I uploaded my find onto FallingFruit.org, a website that is dedicated to mapping out free food sources for foragers. My area has very few listed, but some cities are loaded with locations.

In an age of self-centeredness and dependence on commercial agriculture http://fallingfruit.org shows a better side of humanity. Helping someone to help themselves.