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Bowhunters Pro Shop…


This is Jeff Ledbetter. Not only is he the owner of Bowhunters Pro Shop in Maryville, but he is the friendliest store owner I have ever run across. And that is no exaggeration..

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Assuming that other hunters might be interested in upcoming tracking and survival classes,  http://www.bigpigoutdoors.net/tracking.html, I ventured in to ask about putting out some brochures. Thirty minutes later, I left with a new friend, some cool stories, and a T-shirt!

As soon as the budget allows, I will be headed back to pick up some arrows for the old recurve.

And speaking of recurves, they are still alive and well in Jeff’s shop..

unnamed (3)

Along with a full offering of compounds and crossbows…

unnamed (4)

Arrows and accessories…

unnamed (5)

And ranges to sling your arrows..


Not only can you buy a bow there, but you can shoot it at the practice range, get professional lessons, and compete in monthly 3D tournaments. They have a full service repair shop, can build you custom arrows, and tune your bow.

In our world of mega-hunting stores, it is refreshing to walk in to a shop, shake the hand of the owner, and receive undivided attention. You won’t find that at the national chains, but you will at Jeff’s store. It’s small business at it’s finest.

Stop in sometime if you are already slinging arrows or if you want to get started off on the right foot..

Bowhunters Pro Shop 1421 W Lamar Alexander Parkway Maryville TN (865) 984-6111  http://bowhuntersproshop.com/


Nerd Alert!! – Build Your Kid a Hobbit Bow…


What do you get a twelve year old that would rather live in Middle Earth for Christmas?

You make them a PVC wood elf bow..

Now before you scoff at a PVC bow, stroll on over to Youtube and watch some guys building 50+ pound recurves, hence why I posted it in “Self Reliance”.

I don’t need anything that stout for my step-daughter yet, but I do need something that looks like it would kill an Orc and is fun to shoot. This was the tutorial I used https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=19jpEoOZKHI

I kept it light at a 20 pound pull, but I am amazed at how good the “faux” wood grain looks from just sandpaper and shoe polish.


If you are looking for a fun, cheap project that will get your kids outside slinging arrows, this is it. A heat gun, some PVC pipe, some shoe polish, and a length of string.