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Mother Nature’s Lemonade


Like lemonade? Like foraging? Then don’t miss out on Sumac-ade. Usually gathered during the summer, I have still been finding good berries that have not had all the flavor washed out by the rain yet. Just give it the lick test and if it is still tart, then it will make good Sumac-ade.  High in Vitamin C and very refreshing, it can also be sweetened with a little honey. Drying the heads allows allows year round use.


Making Sumac-ade: 2:1 ratio

1. Throw some berry clusters in a pitcher or pot

2. Cover with twice as much cold water (2:1)

3. Mash and squeeze the berry clusters

4. Find something else to do for 30 minutes

5. Strain through cheesecloth or fine strainer and drink away!!

There are three species of sumac in my area. Check back for identification and other uses. For now more information can be found here: