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Survival 101, REI, & Survival 101…


Class Announcements:

Survival 101 – February 18-19, 2017 February 101

REI Class – “The Reality of Survival” March 9, 2017 – Knoxville 7:30pm – 8:30 REI Class

Survival 101 – March 11-12, 2017 March 101

Families Only Survival 101 – December 17-18, 2016



I usually run a Holiday special every year, but this year, I have deciided to switch it up and run a “Family” Survival 101 class on December 17-18 with discounted prices.

This class is only open to families with kids and there is no age requirement. That means the pace will be a little slower and the challenges scaled appropriately, but Mom and Dad will get all they need to take care of the family in a wilderness emergency. The kids will get re-connected with the woods and learn realistic outdoor safety skills to keep them safe if they ever get separated from the party.

Whether your family is gearing up for the next outdoor adventure, prepping for uncertain times, or just want to grow together while learning new skills and facing challenges, this course is for you.


This holiday season, you have an important choice…

Buy the kids some junk they will play with for a couple months before it breaks and your wife or husband a present they probably do not want, or buy a gift that makes your family stronger, smarter, and more resiliant!!

Click here to read about the course and see the discounted prices. This is the only scheduled 101 class that allows children under 12 years old. Limited spots available: Survival 101

Got questions? Email : bigpigoutdoors@gmail.com


Fall Foraging & Survival 101 Dates Announced…


Old Man Winter called me today and said it’s time to get the schedule out..

Survival 101:


Fall foraging class will be Saturday, September 24th:




Class 59/61 – Whiskey Sam’s Wet Weather Warriors…


When you ask a nine year old to think up a code word and he replies “Whiskey”, you know trouble is brewing…

And so was a storm that soaked the woods and the 101’ers this weekend. While the temperatures were mild, the challenges were still there, with longer soaking times until shivering and wet woods for the firestarting challenges.

Congrats to Class 59/61 for taking their outdoor safety into their own hands, keeping a good positive mental attitude during rainy weather, and working together in a large, diverse group.

The BUSAR Beast’s Bag O’ Wet Tinder..


And congrats to Brian “I Shot a Boar in the Head on My Hike Home” for his exciting story about his off-trail adventure after class…



Class 33/47 – Refuge for Weary Dads

baby daddy

Justin showed up for Survival 101 on Saturday morning with bags under his eyes, owning the “dad with an infant” look.

On Sunday morning, I saw a man transformed after spending the night out in 30 degree weather, with nothing more than his clothes, a piece of plastic, and his new found fire-starting skills. His quote, seen above, made me realize that I should market my class as a “Weary Dad or Mom Refuge”..

Congrats to Survival 101 Class 33/47, feeders of the hungry flame!!


The victorious Team Hunt..


Pool boys..


Mastering the thermostat..



Class 42/44 – Worst weather, for Virgina’s finest..


Congrats to Class 42/44, a group of dedicated Search & Rescue personnel, for facing the challenges of Survival 101 during some very challenging weather!

When the weather forecast stated “high 30’s and an inch of rain”, I told Rob, “I guess we have the worst weather for Virginia’s finest!!”

Well the weatherman got the temp wrong, but they nailed the 1″ of rain, as it poured all night, filling the creek up nicely for the “Man/Woman in the Creek” drill.


Gathering bedding..


I always say that if I had to be the subject of a search or rescue, that I hope it would be in Virginia, under the jurisdiction of VDEM. After spending the weekend with members from multiple Virginia teams, I feel even more strongly about that statement.

Looking forward to the Virginia SAR Conference in April and training with more of VDEM’s finest.


BigPig Outdoor’s Holiday Special…

xmas pig


Skip the mall and head to the woods this year for a gift that could not only save your life, but lasts a lifetime!!

Even better, grab a family member or friend and take advantage of the “Buy One, Get One Half Off” sale on all Survival 101 and S.O.S. classes.

Follow the links below to learn more and sign up. Gift certificates are available if you are giving it as a gift. Sale ends Monday night.

Survival 101 – http://www.bigpigoutdoors.net/survival-101-1.html

Skills Of Survival – http://www.bigpigoutdoors.net/survival-101-1.html