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Runner’s World Survival..


BigPig Outdoors survival advice in Runner’s World article


Don’t die, read this…


Pickup a copy of Blue Ridge Outdoors magazine free at your local outdoor retailer to read an article about BigPig Outdoors and Team BUSAR.

You can also read it online here




The Wet Weather, Stump Kickers..


It’s raining, it’s pouring

The old men were snoring,

The boys went to bed,

Laid down their heads,

To waken in the morning

To more rain…

high winds…

and dropping temps…

Congrats to the inaugural crew of the “Family” Survival 101 class, that faced wet weather challenges like no other class before them.

Teamwork, communication, and skill allowed them to source natural tinder and kindling during the showers and hone their firestarting skills, preparing them for the final scenarios.

Stump kickin’,  Summers clan style..


The Magli clan claims victory over the wet wood, mud puddle firestarting challenge..


Chief of the Birdwell clan directs his own medical treatment and rescue..


Confident in your family’s ability to handle a wilderness emergency?

If the answer is no, then our family program is the answer.

Email bigpigoutdoors@gmail.com about future “family” classes.