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USRSOG Race-Dragon project- 22/45 Lite


I first read about the concept of a .22 pistol as a survival firearm is one of my favorite survival books “Six Ways In, Twelve Ways Out” by George Jasper, founder of USRSOG. http://www.usrsog.org/manu.htm

“Swack”, as he is known on his forum, makes the argument for a light weight .22 as a survival firearm for military personnel. Discussing the AR-7, Papoose, and Springfield M-6, he argues that a lightweight, accurate pistol is a better choice for a soldier. Well I am not a soldier, but contemplating survival guns is an ever present dilemma of mine and I needed a new .22 pistol for the trapline. At least that is how I justified another pistol.

Years ago, I owned an AR-7 and I thought it sucked. My 50th Anniversary Ruger Mark II was more accurate, so Swack’s ideas made perfect sense to me.  http://www.usrsog.org/surfire.htm

Keeping up with the times, the Tactical Solutions lightweight barrels for Ruger 22/45’s and Browning Buckmarks are now the choice on the forum. http://www.tacticalsol.com/tshome/

Ruger followed suit, and came out with their lightweight version releasing it first in some crappy gold version. When I saw this year’s black version, I sold my old Mark II and pulled the trigger on buying the 22/45 Lite. Weighing in at only 1.5 pounds, it’s name is well deserved.

So today while roaming around baiting some cornholes for hogs and foraging a bit, I slipped into the woods to see how she would run. I missed my first squirrel at 20 yards, but put the sneak on another two and connected at about 10 yards. A thinner front blade is definitely on the list, as the blade is pretty thick obscuring the squirrel’s head. Disconnecting the annoying magazine disconnect, a gun light, and a suppressor, since it is already threaded, may be in the picture as well.

Is it the ultimate survival firearm? It may be part of the equation. As a secondary to a primary long gun, I think it has great potential. It is nothing the guys over on USRSOG haven’t been saying for years, but I am just excited to have one in my hands.

Special thanks to the guys at Bill’s Outpost for the ordering and transfer help. http://www.billsoutpost.com/